5 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors near Collin County

March 21, 2023

Just northeast of the metropolitan city of Dallas, Collin County is known for being one of Texas's most alluring areas to live. Whether you are a young professional, a family, or anything in between, you will be able to find a neighborhood that suits you perfectly. The classic southern charm is modernized with Frisco’s luxury homes. A portion of the city of Dallas is located within the confines of Collin County though most of the area belongs to smaller cities with a more personal feel.

As the city sidewalks and large buildings are traded for residential areas with homes that seem to get farther and farther apart, you may wonder what the best ways are to allow yourself to explore the beautiful outdoor surroundings Texas is notorious for. From the very edge of the county to the innermost sections, options for outdoor enjoyment are plenty. The weather is mild year-round, rarely requiring more than a jacket. The great climate makes it ideal to allow yourself time to indulge in your favorite activities in nature at any time of year.

Visit the zoo

The Dallas Zoo is a local attraction that combines wildlife with learning, exercise, and quality family time. The zoo is located in the Oakcliff section of Dallas, which allows the park to be a great size for a day filled with nature and interesting wildlife creatures. At over 100 acres, the zoo can be explored as slowly or as quickly as you like. It’s home to over 2000 animals native to different parts of the globe. Since the Dallas Zoo is the oldest zoological exhibit in the entire state, there has been plenty of time to develop great care practices for the animals to optimize their quality of life. This enhances the experience for visitors because they are able to see animals that are well taken care of and happy, which means they are more lively and interesting to watch.

Part of the animals being cared for so well is the environment that they dwell in. A majority of the enclosures for the animals at the zoo have been designed to replicate the animal's natural habitat as closely as possible to facilitate their ability to thrive even if they are far from home. The zoo not only is ideal for allowing yourself to experience animals but plants as well. Many areas throughout the park are accented by amazing plants and foliage. To sweeten the deal, there is also a specific children's zoo, animal feedings, a carousel, and a train that runs throughout the zoo options for snacks and meals in the zoo make this an option for a full-day experience outdoors.

Enjoy the blooms at the Dallas Arboretum

Viewing flowers is an invigorating experience that manages to be tranquil as well. If you wish to see plant life more extensively than what is shown at the zoo or in your personal garden, visit the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. Thanks to the carefully cared-for plant life, visiting the park is a noteworthy experience. This colorful oasis showcases a mix of seasonal flowers and blooms as well as plants and shrubberies that flourish year-round. The botanical gardens span more than sixty acres, all of which feature some sort of amazing greenery along the way. The Arboretum does a fantastic job at facilitating community in Collin County with events like art shows and festivals throughout the year. This beautiful outdoor display of plants is great for taking photos or spending a day in the grass painting with inspiration from the amazing plants.

Go for a horseback ride

Texas outdoor adventure simply would not be complete without a mention of experiencing some aspect of farm life. Texas is known for a few things, and one of them is definitely horses. This has held true throughout the years as many locals still own horses, whether for farm life or a hobby. Visiting a local stable to experience a horseback ride is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Most stables will have a variety of horses available to suit all riding skill levels, so there's no need to worry if this is your first time. If you give horseback riding a try and truly enjoy it, it may be an option to take formal lessons or even adopt a horse at the stable so that you can come back on a scheduled basis and care for it. Not only do you get to experience a ride on one of the kind and gentle creatures, but you will also experience local nature along the ride.

Visit the nature preserve

The Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve is, in many ways, the absolute best of Collin County’s outdoor options. The nature preserve is a massive 600 acres. There's something whimsical about so much luscious nature being only 20 minutes from the lively downtown area. At Cedar Ridge, you will be able to disconnect from modern life and spend a day in the lush terrain of the preserve. It may surprise you to learn that the preserve is not a flat landscape. At 700+ feet of elevation, it is easy to obtain amazing views that you would not get in lower and flatter local areas.

Zipline among towering trees

If you are interested in local outdoor activities at a more lively pace, the Trinity Forest Adventure Park might be a great spot to plan to visit a time or two. Obstacle courses and zip lines tower above the ground with the help of massive trees. Self-guided courses ensure you can enjoy the park at your own pace. If you have experience with outdoor obstacle courses and zip lining prior to visiting the park, you will likely want to skip straight to one of the more advanced courses of the twenty they offer.

No matter what Frisco homes interest you, an outdoor adventure will not be far away. But of course, the first step in enjoying the area's great outdoors is to find your ideal home in the area. The Lonestar Living Team is well-equipped to assist with this process in a manner that is nothing less than the excellence you would expect from a luxury realtor. Contact the Lonestar Living Team today to get one step closer to getting the keys to your new home.

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